I'm an obsessive planner and I've written lists upon lists of goals my entire life. It's overwhelming.
To fix that, I’ve created my impossible list. I got the idea from Thomas Frank who got it from Joel Runyon, who created the world’s first impossible list and defined the difference between it and a regular bucket list. "The impossible list is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, help others as well as yourself, and implore you to take action. This is mine, which is, of course, ever-evolving."
This page is very personal, but I keep it here (unlisted) as an ever-present reminder to all who would take heed of it:
Current Focuses:
Right now my main focus is on work projects.
The rest of my current priorities are declared at this page: What I’m Doing Now
Last 5 Completed Goals
Published 50 Articles on EgyptianStreets.com. (December 2020)
Graduated College (June 2020)
Do yoga every day for a month (Yoga with Adrienne) (February 2021)
Write a short play (February 2021)
Publish a Podcast Series (January 2021)
Life Goals 
Release a book
“Retire” Mr. Money Mustache-style by age 40 (save $900k in 2014 dollars, have the option to live off of less than 4% – $36,000/yr – from interest)
Maintain a loving, inspiring, happy relationship
Move to New York 
Be self-sufficient and location-independent 
Meet Noor Tagouri and visit her Camp/Us 
Fitness/Health Goals
Run a 5K Run a mile in less than 10 minutes 
Be vegetarian for a month (at least)
Now be vegan for a month (at least)
Completely clear up my complexion (for me, this basically means drink more than a gallon of water a day and eat no sugar)
Professional Goals
Release a full podcast series
Get 10,000 listens  
Self-publish a book (>10,000 words)  
Create print editions of the book 
Write a traditionally published book
Get on the New York Times Best Sellers list
Launch a regular YouTube show and release 10 videos  
Form an LLC and actually be a professional company that does business things and whatnot 
Walk into a bookstore and take a picture of a book I wrote that’s for sale there 
Create an online course  
Launch a product
Give a talk for more than 500 people 
Give a TEDx Talk (December 2017)  
Make $10,000 (gross) in a month 
Work on an Inside Out Project (Feb 2017)
Be financially independent 
Become a Professor and/or a High School Teacher
Habit Goals 
Creative Goals
Have one of my short plays performed
Write a full length play
Then have it performed
Write a play that gets performed in New York
Publish a webcomic
Publish a graphic novel
Host my own radio show / big production podcast in a studio
Act in a main-stage play
Direct a play I wrote
Act in a play I wrote 
Learn to draw to the point where I can create art like this
Skill Goals
Become a fluent reader of Professional Arabic     
Learn skateboarding
Learn surfing
Learn rollerblading 
Learn ice skating
Learn to Cycle   
Learn to Dive
Fun and/or “Insane” Goals   
Climb a mountain  
Be on TV 
Break a world record 
Events to Attend
Summer in the City
New Year's Eve in New York
Elsie Fest

Travel Goals
Visit Italy
Visit Indonesia
Visit Jordan
Visit Lebanon
Visit Morocco
Visit Kenya
Visit 5 new countries 
Visit New States in the U.S.
- Boston
- California
- Chicago

If you found this list inspiring, I’d challenge you to create your own! 
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