This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself, and it balances out the goal-driven nature of my Impossible List. It was inspired by Derek Sivers & Thomas Frank.
I'm in Cairo, Egypt, trying to stay safe and create work to both survive and thrive. I'm also pursuing starting Grad School in Literary Reportage in New York next fall. This is what I spend my time doing:
- Being a present friend, daughter and sister.
- Trying to understand what kind of work I'm best at and enjoy most
- Creating a work-from-home environment and routine that works for me
- Producing a podcast series
- Writing in-depth, artful and meaningful articles and features
- Working on my non-work hobbies including illustration, photography and video editing

On a more global level, these are my priorities:
- Creating work I'm proud of & enjoy
- Sleep 8 hours a night
- Developing new and current meaningful relationships and friendships
- Having time to relax and explore personal projects
- Having a steady routine with flexibility without strict in-person commitment
- Increasing my income through personal projects I'm in control of and decreasing income through several diversified and overwhelming projects I'm not in control of.

I am open to considering new opportunities, as I highly value novelty, spontaneity, and growth.  However, I am not open to being underpaid or undervalued and I aspire to stick to my priorities 90% of the time. As a result, I will say no to a lot of requests that come my way now.
If my activities or priorities happen to change, I’ll update this page to reflect those changes. Last update was December 21, 2020.
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